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On The Run Dancers
A blog dedicated to the 11 amazing dancers currently on tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z.
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Lau posts some cryptic ass message about “change on Les Twins” and everyone’s all “DONT CUT YOUR HAIR”




kimgingras:leaving Winnipeg with a smile on my face! last time I performed here was 5 years ago with SYTYCD Canada. time really flies. I can’t wait to see what brings me back here next. thank you for all the love Winnipeg! we had a great night!

"Divas On the Run" Workshop Freestyle

Beyonce’s Dancers Preview the Beyonce and Jay Z Concert

On The Run Tour | Winnipeg
Anonymous said:
do you have any other links for the HBO performances? you put up a link the other day but it was taken down right away. :( im sad lol

Maaaan no. All of the performances are getting snatched down :(

Anonymous said:
Whats the name of your theme?